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High school senior
College acceptance
College graduation

How many college grads do you know with debt but no steady job?

College is a $250,000 investment. We help you get accepted and make it worth it.

College admissions counseling; increase your chances to get into your top school


1-on-1 College Admissions Counseling

Identify, develop, and promote your strengths in your college applications & beyond

Find your best fit colleges

Increase your acceptances to the right colleges

Whether you're 3 weeks or 3 years away, learn to:

1) Be the best "you"

2) Differentiate

College counseling; get through college and achieve college success; find a job


1-on-1 College Success Mentorship

Plan your 4 years with your end goal in mind

Obtain the right mix of experiences to be most marketable after graduation

Save time and money

Put on your cap & gown with job lined up

Get Through College

Our Methodology

Multidisciplinary Pedigree


Who are we & how will we help you?

  1. Walk the walk
    Counselors who were accepted into schools like UC Berkeley & Columbia

  2. Think global
    College advisors with international (Asia & Latin America) work experience

  3. Mentors
    College coaches with psychology, counseling, and coaching experience

  4. Get financial aid
    People with experience reviewing and scoring scholarship applications

Your Unique End Goal


What do you ultimately want?

A stable job? Financial security? Meaningful work & fulfillment?

To earn that, you'll receive:

  1. A great team -- Multidisciplinary Pedigree

  2. That you love working with - Student Buy-in

  3. Designed to help you learn & convey who you are -- Sales & Differentiation Tactics

  4. So you feel empowered to attain your personal & professional goals

About Us
Student Buy-in

We do more than give you fish;

we teach you to fish.

If you injure your knee:

You visit a physical therapist, but you still need to rehab on your own daily.

If Michael Jordan were your coach:

You still have to practice hours daily to be a great player.

Without student buy-in to the process, the journey will fail. Our education consultants collaborate with the student to create personalized goals & action plans to:

  1. Get results

  2. Empower students going forward

Sales & Differentiation

You're awesome...but so are many others.

How do we show the world your signature strengths?

  1. Awareness
    Discover your unique strengths, interests, and goals. Know you.

  2. Communication
    Learn to convey your uniqueness effectively to attain your short and long term goals.


Years of Experience


Continents Served


Languages Offered

Our Team

Client Stories

Client testimonial: college admissions counseling

“Education only creates opportunity, knowing how to leverage that creates results. RizeU provided invaluable guidance during the entire college application process, helping me 1) avoid common application pitfalls and 2) optimize my portfolio to help me stand out. I learned the importance of maximizing real world experience and developed tools to secure internships and campus research opportunities. By graduation, I further stood out from my peers with 1.5 years equivalent of STEM experience. It didn’t end there, as I received guidance on customizing an eye-catching resume in this competitive job market. The focus is consistently to identify, leverage, and present what’s special about me.”

Chris (Google)

Client testimonial: college success counseling

“I came into Berkeley behind. SAT scores 250+ points lower than the average student accepted from the east coast. RizeU gave me the tips for the school and the job/professional opportunities that became my launching pad to success. 7 clubs, 4 internships, and 3 years later I have more experience than I can fit on my resume and am not only more prepared for graduation and life after, I'm ready and excited for it. Using what RizeU taught me before college I quickly became leaps ahead from being so far behind.”

Luke (UC Berkeley)

Client testimonial: international career counseling

“You taught me how to create an interesting resume and helped me feel confident in my job interviews. My job opportunities doubled, I became more successful in my interviews, and I even ended up declining job offers. Thank you very much! I would have never got them myself.”

Sandra (Spain)


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