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College Admissions Counseling

It has never been harder to get accepted into your college of choice, even with all the outside help you can hire. Why?

Many companies promise you shortcuts, but the formula is always changing

We don't promise admission to specific colleges.

We promise you will learn to adjust to and effectively promote yourself in any new situation you face.

Record number of university applications for the next school year
Our approach


Do you remember how much easier exams were in high school when you actually understood the big picture concepts vs. cramming the night before and relying on rote memorization?

In the college application process, similarly, understanding how to identify, develop, and promote your strengths benefits applicants more than trying to decipher how important an extra 20 points on your SAT will be to the Stanford admissions officer.



You want your webpage to show up on Google's first page.


You can try to game the system all you want by manipulating keywords and SEO. But Google's algorithm is always changing.

In the end, if you just consistently provide interesting and relevant content for your audience, Google will reward you and make your page visible.

These will serve you best in the college application process and beyond: long term thinking, building trust, adding value, adaptability
What we help with

Mapping out your application timeline

Planning your activities to identify & develop your strengths

Choosing schools that fit your end goals

Writing essays that promote your strengths that matter to colleges

Interviewing to effectively convey your mutual fit with universities

Constant feedback and coaching throughout

Our services are available in: Full service or A la carte
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