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College Success Mentoring

Having a degree is no longer enough.

What can you do with your degree?

Can you get a job?

Can you keep a job?

The game has changed.

The traditional formula no longer works.

Employers demand different things now.


This is inevitable. Your best bet is to learn to learn and to adapt.

Make the most of your $250k investment and graduate with career options.

Yesterday's skills are not what's needed today. Today's skills are not what will be needed tomorrow.
Our approach


Do you know how much easier college exams are when you actually understand the big picture concepts vs. taking notes word-for-word on what the professor says in lecture?

In the job market, similarly, what employers need is always changing. The ability to adapt and learn to provide what's needed will always be a valuable trait for students to develop.


Just as it's important to get into and get through college, it's also important to get employed and stay employed.



You want your webpage to show up on Google's first page.


You can try to game the system all you want by manipulating keywords and SEO. But Google's algorithm is always changing.

In the end, if you just consistently provide interesting and relevant content for your audience, Google will reward you and make your page visible.

These will serve you best in your college years and throughout your career: long term thinking, building trust, adding value, adaptability
What we help with

Discovering your long term personal, academic, and career goals

Planning your academic & professional activities to identify & develop your strengths

Choosing potential employers that fit your end goals

Writing resumes that promote your strengths that matter to companies

Interviewing to effectively convey your mutual fit with employers

Constant feedback and coaching throughout

Our services are available in: Full service or A la carte
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